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Employee Tracking

Trackvehicles provide Employee Tracking System is an application of tracking employees through their mobile in Android and iphone app platform. Our android app sends time based location GPS to our centralized server & manager team can easily access the movement of his employee as per the movement of the mobile phones. Our Application works with or without mobile GPS without using much more battery power. Our application is is exceptionally intended for field workforce checking by their bosses staff for streamlining efficiency.

  Employee Tracking Benefits

  • Employee Tracking GPS Web Application can be accessed anywhere and anytime an there is prsent Internet access. It is the central place for managing your field workforce every time.
  • Courier and Shipping companies with lorries on the road can easily see how close they are to their destination.
  • You can check Locating employees in real-time.
  • Suppose you get a call from a important customer, you can quickly see which of your employees are very closest to the customer and re-route them.
  • You can check employees out in the field who visit customers.